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  • Johnathan Dobkin

    The mystery is not solved. Sure, a designer can answer our question. But so can other things we haven’t even thought of. There is no logical train of thought that allows a person to jump from not knowing to the assumption that a designer exists.

    That is all assuming this video is true. But there is a problem on this video. Dark energy cannot be measured. In fact, if you read people like Niel deGrasse Tyson, or Stephen Hawking, you will understand that dark energy isn’t necessarily energy. It is a force that acts in a way in which we only know one other “substance?” to act, and that is energy. Do we call it dark energy. It is the same with dark matter.

    In addition, assuming I’m wrong and all of this is true (which is possible), saying that if a measurement would be different, things would be different, is irrelevant to this topic of creation. If it was even a little different, things would be different, but it isn’t different, and you don’t know why that is. So that is where the conversation should end, you don’t know. Look for evidence, don’t throw the idea of God into the mix. Because of that’s your answer, that everything we don’t yet know is evidence for the existence of God, then the evidence for God has gotten tremendously smaller over the last thousand years. And evidence that can become I select by merely finding out the real logical answer is no evidence at all. And that which can be asserted without proof, can be dismissed without proof.

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