Budgies Teach us the Power of Unity

 In Animals

Food for thought…

If you were walking in the forest miles away from human civilization, and you suddenly came across a random, bird cage in perfect condition sitting in a clearing housing a budgie what would you think? You would know that even though it looked like no one had ever been to this part of the forest before, someone must’ve been there to put the cage there. You wouldn’t expect the cage to have form all by it’s self with time and chance. You would have expected someone to have made it and someone to have put it there. It’s obvious that it’s been created. But how many people, when comparing budgies and cages, would say that a cage is more complex? Budgies have life, feelings and emotions, they think, move and go through different stages of health, they have unique likes, dislikes and habits (good and bad), they can learn, they can use their tongue to mimic human speech, they can be taught tricks, yet still most people would say that all the budgies in the world were formed all by themselves with the help of just time and chance before they would say that even half a cage formed all by it’s self with time and chance. Wouldn’t it make more sense that a budgie which is infinitely more complex than a cage needed a creator if something so much less complicated like a cage needed one?

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