Animated Immune System 101

 In Human Body

Atheists claims that mutations coupled with natural selection have evolved various immune systems existing in life today from simple to the very complex system in humans. However, the various adaptive immune systems in the animal kingdom are all equally complex, yet with major discontinuities between them. It is improbable that one evolved into another. All multicellular organisms have an elaborate innate immune system, and many animals have one of the two known arms of the adaptive system that produces enormous antibody diversity to destroy specific pathogens. Although very different, all known immune systems are highly effective in dealing with pathogens. No evidence exists for the evolution of the immune system, which appears to be irreducibly complex.

Intelligent Weapons: The Antibodies

Antibodies are protein-structured weapons, which are manufactured to fight against the foreign cells entering the human body. These weapons are produced by the B cells, a class of warriors of the immune system.

Antibodies destroy invaders. They have two main functions: The first is to bind to the invader cell, which is the antigen. The second is to decompose the biological structure of the antigen and destroy it.

Swimming in the blood and non-cellular fluid, antibodies bind to disease-causing bacteria and viruses. They mark the foreign molecules to which they bind, so that the body’s fighter cells can distinguish them. This way, they also inactivate them. This resembles a tank becoming useless and unable to move or fire shells when it is hit by a guided missile in the battleground. An antibody fits the enemy (antigen) perfectly, just like a key and a lock assembling in a three-dimensional structure.

The human body can produce a compatible antibody for almost every enemy it encounters. Antibodies are not of one type only. According to the structure of every enemy, a specific antibody powerful enough to deal with it is produced. This is because an antibody produced for one disease may not be effective on another.

Manufacturing a specific antibody for each enemy is rather an unusual process, which deserves closer attention. This process can be realized only if the B cells know their enemies and their structures very well. There are, however, millions of enemies (antigens) in nature.

This is like manufacturing a compatible key for each of millions of locks straight away. What is important is that the manufacturing agent does this without examining the lock or using any mould. It knows the formula by heart.

It is quite difficult for a human being to memorize the shape of even a single key. So, is it possible for a person to keep in mind the three-dimensional designs of millions of keys that are to open millions of locks?

Definitely not. However, a B cell so small as to be imperceptible by the eye keeps millions of bits of information in its memory, and uses them in correct combinations in a conscious way.

The storage of millions of formulae in a miniscule cell is a great miracle presented to man. No less miraculous is the cell’s using this information to protect man’s health.

It is obvious that the secret of the tremendous success of these tiny cells is beyond the boundaries of human’s comprehension. Today, the power of the human mind even combined with advanced technology pales into insignificance in the face of the intelligence displayed by these cells. In fact, even evolutionist scientists cannot close their eyes to all these signs of intelligence, which are clear evidence of the existence of a conscious Creator. One of the greatest advocators of evolution in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Ali Demirsoy, confessed this in his book “Inheritance and Evolution”:

How and in what form did plasma cells obtain this information, and produce the antibody exclusively designed according to it? This question has not been answered precisely so far.

How antibodies are produced is a point that has not been clearly understood as yet. The technology of the 20th century has proved insufficient even at the level of understanding the methods of this perfect production. In the years to come, as the methods used by these tiny cells – which are created to serve mankind – and how they implement them are unraveled, the perfection and artistry in the creation of these cells will be better understood.
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